Curriculum Vitae

Luigi Di Biasi

Luigi Di Biasi is a PhD student in a computer science @ University of Salerno.

He is sole director of Arrowsoft.IT SRLs and CIO of Softmining SRL.

He studied Computer Science at the University of Salerno in 2013. From 2014 to 2016 was research fellowship for PRIN 2010-2011 Data-Centric Genomic Computing (GenData 2020)). 

He collaborate to the GRIMD developing (grid for molecular dynamics), which permits the parallel and distributed computation of many kinds of scientific software, to the YADA developing (Yet Another Docking Approach), a tool that improve and refine the predictions made by VINA Autodock and to the implementation of ProtComp alignment free tools, a new algorithm for sequences analysis that outperforms existing methods. He collaborate on 7 scientific paper.

In 2017 he is responsible developer for the RIRIBOX Project (in collaboration with Acea Pinerolese and Ecofficina SRL) and for (in collaboration with Peme IVS). All these projects has involved collaborations between Italian, Danish and American developers. 

In 2016 he is responsible developer for the “Una Buona Occasione” Project (in collaboration with Ecofficina SRL). He developed all the edutainment games related to this project (16 WebGL games). 

Actually, his research activities range on the AI (algorithms developing, applications) and on the game developing.  

From 2013 he is a Codeproject Silver Member and from 2017 he become admin on

Main scientific achievements:

Alignment free method: LDB collaborate with Stefano Piotto to the definition, the implementation and the validation of a new sequences analysis algorithm that outperforms existing methods. The application of the algorithm permitted to demonstrate the coevolution of the transmembrane regions in bacteria and archea, and the creation of a new search engine working without keywords or tags.